Newly Designed Site Launched!

A Wedding Cake that Fits the Style of the Event
December 8, 2016 Newly Designed Site Launched!

We have just launched our new website!

This will be the 3rd redesigned site for since we started the site in 2005.

It has been hard making the decision to make the design change as we had kinda grown attached with the older site and it feels like as if we are bidding an old friend our last goodbye.

However we know that we have to do it as our previous site was using Joomla as the Content Management System (CMS) and it was getting a bit outdated in the backend. We knew that we have to make the leap to a new CMS and we have opted for WordPress.

Why WordPress?

For a few key reasons.

  1. WordPress had cleaner codes and would make it easier for us to redesign the site in the future.
  2. WordPress have thousands of plugins that can help us make the site more robust, user friendly and up to date.
  3. We have some cool WordPress developers in our team who swear by the CMS and coupled with super strong WordPress specific hosting from Siteground, we feel that it would all be worth it.

Of course, redesigning a site and adopting a CMS we have not used in the past is not really a walk in the park.

We had to retrain some key staff to be able to handle and update the new website and we also had to convince ourselves that this will be good for us in the long run and for our clients too.

We hope that you’d find our new site refreshing and user friendly.

We have recreated the wedding cakes gallery for the new site and added in some newer designs that we had created for our most recent clients.

There is now 3 header images with buttons that when you click goes directly to our wedding cakes gallery.

Social media elements have also been added throughout the site. This makes it real easy for anyone to find our Facebook fanpage.

Yup. We know, we need to have more social media accounts. We are guilty of that. Please bear with us for a while. We are creating more accounts on the more popular social media platforms available out there. We heard you.

For those who have not seen how our previous site looked like, we have captured an image of the site and put it up for you below.

How time flies but memories have already been engraved in our minds and it those will be retained as long as we live.

Till we meet again in the next post!

Ardy Ismail

On behalf of the Team.


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