To the WeddingCakes.sg team.

We would like to inform you that the wedding dinner was a success. The cake that you made for us was beautiful - visually stunning and tastes heavenly with the dense rich chocolate :)

Karen was just telling me that while she was with you the whole time when you delivered the cake to the restaurant, you are still a little confused about me ordering a "black cake" for our wedding as Chinese normally have brighter and whiter colours for such events.

I am not surprised that you think of it this way as well. But when you start to look around the restaurant, I think you roughly know why - your cake matches exactly the atmosphere that was created within the restaurant. It is the perfect piece to complete the jigsaw. :)

This is just not an ordinary cake. We can feel your passion and love from the delicate details and taste. It has left us gobsmacked and we are very pleased with what you have given us, not just the cake itself but also your eagerness to make this wedding a joyous occasion.

Thank you so much for your participation.

Timothy & Karen

The wedding cakes looks beautiful and matched the decor and theme of the wedding perfectly. Thank you Chef Norsini and the Weddingcakes.sg team!

Sharon Tan & Klaus Felkas

The cake has met my expectations and I am very satisfied with the outcome. Kudos to the team!

Nur Anissa & Sani

Thanks so much for the tasty, beautiful cake and ur friendly warm service...plus not forgetting your affordable price range! My utmost appreciation for being part of my big day and making it turn out well ;)

Chira Muthu

I am very satisfied with the cakes. Thank you Chef Norsini!


All of our guests loved the beautiful wedding cake with great taste that matches its looks! After many weeks the taste was even as good as on the wedding day. The cake was a great value for the money. I recommend it to all the couples looking for a unique and beautiful cake for their big day.

Alif & Ashida

Wishing success to Weddingcakes.sg and also many thanks for the brightening up the wedding!

Ust Hasan and Wife

Hi Kak Nor! Kak Nor did a great job for both the wedding cakes at my place (Sembawang) as well as at my hubby's (Simei CC). She managed to do the wedding cake professionally. Very lovely. Keep up the good work Kak Nor! Wishing you all the best in the future. Once again, thank you very much.

Liza & Khairuden

Our greatest appreciation to Weddingcakes.sg for the beautifully crafted cake that you have made for our special day. We will definitely recommend Weddingcakes.sg to our family and friends.

Zaiton & Aidil

We are glad that we chose Weddingcakes.sg to customise the wedding cake of our dreams. 5 stars to the Weddingcakes,sg team!

Ibrahim and Aisyah

I am happy with the presentation of the cake. My friends really love the cake too!

Alvin Ng

The cake is impressive. I love it!

Jasmine Low

Thumbs up for the cake. Thank you!

Alzerin & Rizal

Thanks for the beautiful cake!


The cake is impressive and I am so happy with it. Thank you so much WeddingCakes.sg!

Fadillah & Hafeez

The cake has mad my day. Thank you WeddingCakes.sg!


Can't thank you enough for such a lovely cake. You are a star.. and so many people commented on how lovely the cake tasted.