Plan for a Wedding Cake that Fits your Budget

A Wedding Cake that Fits the Style of the Event
December 8, 2016

Plan for a Wedding Cake that Fits your Budget

After going through all the things that you will need for the wedding, you will know that will also need to have a budget for your wedding cake.

It is important for you to have an idea in your mind on how much you are willing to spend for your wedding cake.

This is so that you will be able to get a cake that not only fits the budget but at the same time is able to fit in with the style of your special event.

Many brides to be have asked for a tall multi-tiered wedding cakes but at the same time requested for the some layers of the cakes to be faked thinking that this will lower the overall cost of the cake.

To tell you the truth, fake cake layers do not lower the cost of the wedding cake.

Now, why is this so?

The reason is because the cost of a tier or a level of wedding cake is very much dependent on the time it takes to decorate and design the cake itself. You might think that the contends of the cake is just styrofoam and it shouldn’t cost that much to have that but the time it takes to decorate a real cake and a styrofoam cake is similar and hence does not lower the cost of the cake.

So if you decide to have a tall cake, do take note that more time will be required to design and decorate that cake than another cake that has lesser levels of cake.

Have an indication of how many guests you will be having at your event.

If you have 200 guests at your event, it would be good to have a wedding cake with the size that can allow that number of people to have a slice of the cake.

There is no point in ordering a wedding cake with a size that would feed 500 people when you have a number lesser than that invited to your wedding. This will also save you some money and your guests will also not be left disappointed of not having a taste of your wedding cake.

Choose a wedding cake with a size that matches the number of guests that you will be inviting.

If you are not sure whether a certain number of guests are coming to your event as they themselves cannot make a confirmation with you in time, you can order miniature cakes or cup cakes with the same design as your main wedding cake and set that aside just in case your guests are able to come at the very last minute. It would save you some money too that you do not have to order a cake that is too big for the event.

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