A Wedding Cake that Fits the Style of the Event

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December 8, 2014
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A Wedding Cake that Fits the Style of the Event

The date has been set and you have already gone through with your wedding planner the date for the event, the location, the colour scheme for the decor and so on.

But wait, there is still one key thing for your wedding that you have not get to doing it yet, that is getting the wedding cake of your dreams. One that will not only look great for the photographs but would be on the lips of your guests who have savored the wedding cake and they just loved the taste of it too.

Now, lets look at some of the most important tips that you should know before you go about getting your wedding cake designer. I am sure you will be thrilled as we are to share these tips with you.

Having been in the business of creating wedding cakes for more than a decade, we believe that it would benefit you as well as ourselves when we spill the beans on what makes a perfect wedding cake.

At the point where you need to choose your cake, it would at the point also where you have made decisions on the wedding dress style that you want, the decor style at your wedding event and even the reception area style.

It would be wise of you to choose a wedding cake style that is compatible with the venue of the event, the wedding dress, the flower arrangements and even the colour of the wedding car if it happens to be a main attraction at your event.

So lets say that you are having your event at the beach and guests will be seated in the open with the sea breeze blowing into the faces as they watch walk the aisle. In that kind of atmosphere, a wedding cake having a sea theme would fit the bill. You could have ornaments like sea shells and starfishes decorating your cake to fit in with the theme.

If you are having a wedding event at grand luxurious garden for example. Do take note the type of flowers that are grown in that garden as well as the predominant colour of the flowers during that season.

Observe closely the garden that you will be having your wedding event at. If it is filled with red and pink roses, you might want to get a wedding cake that is decorated with live flowers and most appropriate red and pink roses to fit with the garden theme and style.

One most important thing to take note is whether you would want to have the wedding cake placed indoors or outdoors. We have requests of wedding cakes to be placed outdoors and it is best to let us know in advance that the cake will be positioned as such.

Why is it important to let your cake designer of that detail? It is important because cakes that are meant to be placed outdoors will be made differently from cakes that will be placed indoors. The temperature in the outdoors in a tropical country like ours where the temperature can go beyond 30 degrees celsius can melt a wedding cake and cause it to slant or to lose its shape and original design.

Now you do not want the above to happen to you and we have heard of horror stories like that happening. It could be due to the fact that the bride has chosen an inexperienced baker or the details of the placement of the cake wasn’t spelled out clearly. Hence it is important that you communicate these details to us when ordering your wedding cake.

We have made cakes for placement indoors in air-conditioned spaces as well as for outdoors events where temperatures can soar. We will be able to advise you on the best place to situate your wedding cake and we have the expertise to ensure that it doesn’t melt and cause an unwanted situation.

If you are ready to order your wedding cake, talk to us.

We would like to talk to you and make the wedding cake of your dreams a reality.

Give us a call at +65 8510 7547 or drop us an email here: Contact WeddingCakes.sg 

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